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Furniture Restoration for Fire and Water Damage

Fires and floods can be problematic for furniture pieces caught in the path of these natural disasters. Our team at Banyan Restorations works with customers in the Shelby County, TN area to restore furniture damaged by fires and water, delivering incredible results. Our goal is always to retain the item’s character and salvage as much of the original material as possible. Customers can always expect honesty and trusted communication and advice when we’re working on a project. Contact us to learn more about fire and water damage restoration.

Fire Damage Eagle

Professional Work and Impeccable Results

We’re proud of the restoration and finishing work we’re capable of for items that have been exposed to fires and excessive water. Serving customers with our detailed work and seeing the excitement on their faces when we present the finished product is one of the rewards we love most about our work. If you have something damaged by fire or water, we know what to look for and how to restore it.

  • Fire – Of course, flames can burn and char wood furniture. But soot, ash, and smoke odors can damage the finish and integrity of it too. Even a piece directly burned can be salvaged and restored using proper techniques.
  • Water – Since wood is a natural material, exposure to excessive water from flooding or firehoses can cause rot and mold. Wood will also absorb moisture causing it to swell and expand. Finishes react poorly to water, leaving stains and cracks on the exterior.
  • High Temperatures – Extremely high temperatures associated with fires can cause natural wood to crack. Heat has the opposite effect that water does and will remove moisture, causing the wood to shrink. High temps will also diminish and ruin many finishes on wood.

Contact Us to Learn About Furniture Restoration

Don’t let fire or water damage keep you from enjoying the pieces of furniture you love that are meaningful to you and your family. Our business works diligently to restore items just like yours, and we don’t consider our work done until the customer is 100% satisfied with the results. Contact us to learn how we can salvage your furniture that’s been harmed by fire or water.

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